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Income Inequality in Iran Essay examples - 3422 Words

There are many problems that face Third World nations. Income inequality affects all nations in the world. It affects some countries more than others though. Income inequality is a major problem in the Third World. In the Third World, the top 1% of people earns 15 % of the income, and the top 5% earn 40% of the income. However the poorest 20% earn only 1% of the global income. This creates a world of haves and have nots. This affects many aspects of society in a county. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, income inequity is a serious issue. One social service that is affected greatly is education. Areas that are poorer do not get the same level of education as areas that are richer receive. This inequality in education is caused†¦show more content†¦The lack of foreign trade has severely hurt its GDP, but Iran is able to trade oil with China and receive large profits. This has been able to help grow the Iranian economy. However, the oil profits have not been able t o eradicate income inequality in Iran. There are many ways to measure income inequality of a nation. One way to measure income inequality is to check the distribution of benefits toward the overall population over broad demographics. For example, the distribution of education or health care over the entire population is a good measure of economic inequality. How many schools per capita is another way to measure income inequality. The most common way to measure income inequality is by the Gini Coefficient. The Gini Coefficient ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 meaning total income equality where everyone has an equal amount of personal income, to 1, where 1 person has all the income and everyone else has none of the income. Most nations fall between 0.12 and 0.75. The Gini Coefficient in 2010 for Iran is 0.44. This is a medium Gini Coefficient. For comparison, the Gini Coefficient for the United States is 0.38. The United States has a high Gini Coefficient for the developed world while Iran has a low Gini Coefficient for the developing world. The largest area of inequality in Iran is the rural-urban divide. In the mid-1980s there was an economic recession thatShow MoreRelatedThe main question is that whether my country is equitable information society or not. What does it700 Words   |  3 Pagesterm in social science, inequality. Classical and contemporary social theorists such as Weber, Marx and Burdieu expose it to discussion. In this sense, society is seen as a stratification system that is based on a hierarchy of power (the ability to direct someone else’s behavior), privilege (honor and respect), and prestige (income, wealth, and property), which leads to patterns of social inequality (Crossma, n.d.). There are two main paradigms which aim to theorize inequality in context of society;Read MoreIran s Impact On The Economy Of Iran1681 Words   |  7 PagesThe economy of Iran has caused a wave of disorder around the world. The root of Iran†™s problems comes from their troubled past which affects them today and will in the future. Iran is grasping desperately to stay relevant in todays world due to a struggling society and constant disagreement among leaders and their citizens. Iran has 10% of the world’s oil and has the fourth largest oil reserve in the world plus it ranks with the top 10 producers of global oil1. Despite having so many geographicalRead MoreThe Importance Of Doing Business In Iraq1175 Words   |  5 PagesNational Information of Iran GDP is a national measure of monetary value of all of the final goods, products and services, of a country in a given period. Nominal GDP is then used to distinguish the performance of different countries and periods. Iran’s GDP was $393.44 billion US dollars in 2015, according to Trading Economics (2017). The Islamic Republic has the second largest economy in the Middle East, behind Saudi Arabia. The world bank classifies it as an upper middle income country. The biggestRead MoreIran Changed The Middle East2133 Words   |  9 PagesIran, known as the Republic of Iran located in the Middle East, has been in economic and political downturn since its 1979 revolution. Led by supreme leader named Ayatollah Ali khamenei, who is responsible for their actions and supervision. It is a complex government, very islamic, the problems they are facing is economic development, transforming their government into a stable consolidated democracy and defining their national identity. Iran chan ged the Middle East by spreading its idea s and formsRead MoreIsrael s International Affairs : A Major Issue Of Social Inequality1149 Words   |  5 Pagesforths with Iran, Israel has a major issue of social inequality within their nation. Despite narrowing the number of Israelis in poverty and raising incomes in recent years, Inequality in Israel is still one of the highest of the Western developed countries. According to a report released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 18.6% of Israelis live beneath the poverty line, which can be defined as those who earn less than 50% of Israel’s median national income. Meanwhile,Read MoreGender Inequality : What s The Right Thing?1283 Words   |  6 PagesRobyn Mendoza Ms. Bergen English 10- 2 26 April 2013 Gender Inequality Gender inequality is an on going topic in society today. Women continue to struggle in finding equality next to men. Women should have the exact same rights as men, no matter what the differences are between the two genders. In the book Justice: What s the Right Thing to Do, Aristotle’s theory of justice is â€Å"giving people what they deserve† (Sandel 9). Women should not be restricted or constrained from anything that menRead MoreThe Issue Of Workplace Inequality1255 Words   |  6 PagesThere are many origins to the issue of workplace inequality. Across the world, women are getting paid less and less. The gender wage gap now stands at an average of 22 cents between genders. It is common knowledge that women were often not allowed to work in the past, and if they did they didn’t have the best jobs. With women increasing their education and work experience, it shouldn’t still be an issue. On average, a woman who goes to the same college, gets the sa me job, and has the same amountRead MoreFriedman s Explanation Of The Brave New World Facing Us Essay1097 Words   |  5 PagesFriedman says the world is flat, he means that the world economy is fast becoming a â€Å"level playing field† in which opportunities are converging. But, the truth is we live in a world with enormous inequalities, 20% of the world population living in the developed countries having 80% of the GDP of the world income as compared to the rest of the world. Factory workers in the United States saw their jobs being threatened by competition from China. Farmers in developing countries saw their jobs being threatenedRead MoreThe Iranian Revolution Of 19791396 Words   |  6 Pagesfigures set in a dichotomy of sorts, with each representing the two different states of Iran, Iran pre and post revolution. These two individuals, Mohamed Reza Pahlavi and Ruhollah Khomeini comprised the leadership position of Iran before and after the revolution, and due to acti ons of those who were in favor of the revolution became directly associated with what was the old, and what was the new path for Iran. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was one of many efforts in widely Islamic nations thatRead MoreInternational Trade And Gender Wage Inequality1426 Words   |  6 Pagesand Gender Wage Inequality Motivation for the Research: In recent years, globalization and international trade has become a significant issue for countries. Consumers tend to use more goods and services and due to the lack of resources, the need to trade with other countries seems to be inevitable. Assuming that globalization would occur, labor factors become noteworthy. Although growth in international trade provide more job opportunities for people, there are still inequality in wage between male

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Robert Frost Essay - 1396 Words

Robert Frost Robert Frost is one of the few twentieth century poets to receive critical acclaim and popular acceptance (Magill 728). His simplistic style appeals to the novice and expert poetry reader alike. Robert Frosts understated emotional appeal attracts readers of all literary levels. Frost develops subtly stated emotions and a clever use of imagery in his poetry. Influences on his poetry include his family, work, and other life experiences (Oxford 267). Frost also works to develop iambic pentameter using simple language, in an attempt to effectively portray the New England lifestyle (Magill 723). Frost successfully blends classic poetry and a modern simplicity to create a new generation of poetry lovers. Frosts†¦show more content†¦Frost combines this unadorned style with an ability to blend common language with artistic expressions. Frost first learns the beauty of the straightforward, manner of speech from the rural people of New England: On his New Hampshire farm he discovered this in the character of a man with whom he used to drive along the country roads, (Braithewaite). His first books, A Boys Will and North of Boston, which reflect this discovery are published in 1914 and gain him instant status as a unique and talented poet (Braithewaite). Frost wrote these books after he had moved to England in 1912 to pursue a full time writing career and upon his return to America in 1915. He is pleasantly surprised to find his poetry gaining popularity among poetry readers. Many critics also delight in this promising young poet. Poetic scholars marvel at his exceptional ability to learn from the best English and American poets, while at the same time retaining his own identity (Braithewaite). Robert Frost studies poetry for years, practicing and refining his own style. He assumes the qualities of each poet that he enjoys most, and fuses them with his own (Braithewaite). For example, much of Frosts poetry is written in iambic pentameter. He attempts to listen to New Englanders naturally iambic rhythm and adopt it into his poetry (Magill 726). By using iambic pentameter,Show MoreRelatedFrost, By Robert Frost1976 Words   |  8 PagesRobert Frost, an indigenous New England poet, is deserving of an ovation for his contributions and magnitude in American Literature. Frost advises his readers to be actively engaged in questioning the world we inhabit (49, Dickstein). In most of Frost’s work, readers and critics enjoy his choices of theme, likely being the outdoors and his surroundings. By using â€Å"emotions recollected in tranquility† and his organic and inviolable relationship with his countryside, he celebrates New England’s naturalRead MoreRobert Frost1276 Words   |  6 PagesRobert Frost has been described as an ordinary man with a deep respect for nature, talking to ordinary people. To what extent do you agree with this view? Poetry is a literary medium which often resonates with the responder on a personal level, through the subject matter of the poem, and the techniques used to portray this. Robert Frost utilises many techniques to convey his respect for nature, which consequently makes much of his poetry relevant to the everyday person. The poems â€Å"Stopping by WoodsRead MoreRobert Frost1943 Words   |  8 PagesA Snowy Evening with Robert Frost Robert Frost once said, â€Å"It begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a loneliness. It is never a thought to begin with. It is at best when it is a tantalizing vagueness.† (â€Å"Poetry Foundation† n.d.). This poem holds a lot of mystery in its meaning which has a variety of interpretations. John T. Ogilvie who wrote, â€Å"From Woods to Stars: A pattern of Imagery in Robert Frost’s Poetry† interprets this as a poem about the journey through lifeRead MoreFrost, By Robert Lee Frost1565 Words   |  7 PagesAs Robert Lee Frost, an honored American poet once said, â€Å"A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.† Frost earned respect through his expertise in colloquial language, and his descriptive interpretations of rural life. Frost often analyzed social and philosophical leitmotifs using settings from early twenty-first century New England. Frost was honored in his life time with four Pulitzers. Furthermore, focusing mostly on analyzing Frost’s most popularRead MoreThe Poetry Of Robert Frost3137 Words   |  13 Pagesexamine the poetry of Robert Frost for references to themes of nature, religion, and humanity and how they relate to each other. This exercise will be prefaced with a brief introduction to the man and his life as a segue to better understanding Frost’s verse. The unexpected but unavoidable aim of this composition will be to realize that Frost’s body of work is almost too sophisticated to comprehend, his manipulation of language so elusive that each reader may believe Frost is speaking only to themRead MoreEssay on Robert Frost1248 Words   |  5 Pages Robert Frost   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Robert Frost, an Americian poet of the late 19th century, used nature in many of his writings. This paper will discuss the thought process of Frost during his writings, the many tools which he used, and provide two examples of his works.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Robert Frost was born in San Franciso on March 26, 1874, but later moved to Lawrence, Massachuschusetts (after his father died) where he did most of his writing. He was a simple man who taught, worked in a mill, was a reporter, wasRead More Robert Frost Essay559 Words   |  3 Pages Robert Frost nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Robert Lee Frost, was one of America’s leading 20th Century poets, and a four time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Frost did not receive these recognitions until his later years when his poetic brilliance was finally recognized. â€Å"Frost was a pioneer in the interplay of rhythm and meter†( Waggoner 1). Frost’s brilliance was contributed by many things; including his life, career, and literary works. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Robert Frost was born on MarchRead More Robert Frost Essay873 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Good fences makes good neighbors,† is a small portion from the Mending Wall written by one of modern times most proficient writers, Robert Frost. Two of the critical articles I examined were quite helpful in gaining a better understanding of the â€Å"Mending Wall† and also of Robert Frost’s poetry. The Gale Research shows the best and most effective understanding of the â€Å"Mending Wall,† mainly because it deals specifically with that poem. It basically states that the poem is built around two attitudesRead MoreRobert Frost Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesRobert Frost was a very successful author who wrote many award winning poems. Frost’s career in poetry took some time, but he eventually reached his goal of becoming a popular poet. Frost has had a very successful life as an author, but that wasn’t until he was noticed. Fros t has won four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry and various other awards. Robert Frost was world renowned and even attended John F. Kennedy’s inauguration. Frost wasn’t noticed until he was nearly 40 years old, but he kept working towardsRead MoreEssay on Robert Frost1443 Words   |  6 Pages Robert Lee Frost was born in San Francisco on March 26, 1874 and died in Boston on January 29, 1963. Frost was considered to be one of America’s leading 20th century poets and a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. He was an essentially pastoral poet who was often associated with rural New England. Frost wrote poems of a philosophical region. His poems were traditional but he often said as a dig at his archrival Carl Sandburg, that â€Å"he would soon play tennis without a net as write free verse

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Early marriage Essay Example For Students

Early marriage Essay Early marriage is the marriage of children and adolescents below the age of 18. Causes:According to UNICEFs Innocenti Research Centre, the practice of marrying girls at a young age is most common in Sub-Saharan African and South Asia. There are specific parts of West Africa and East Africa and of South Asia where marriages before puberty are not unusual. However, the Centre also notes that marriage shortly after puberty is common among those living traditional lifestyles in the Middle East, North Africa and other parts of Asia. Marriages of female adolescents between sixteen and eighteen are common in parts of Latin America and Eastern Europe. As early marriage is widely practiced in developing countries, a global issue has arisen as to whether early marriage does really hinder self development due to the consequences it brings to young girls. The practice is believed to bring several benefits to some extent. However, the adverse effects it brings can impede the self-development of young adolescences in many aspects including health consequences, character building and education as well as career opportunities. 1. 2Purpose of Research The main purpose of this research is to discover students’ opinion about early marriage. Do they agree with early marriage or not. The second goal is to know whether early marriage brings either benefits or harms to students. Even though early marriage is already becoming a social norm in the third world countries the society still does not fully aware of this phenomenon. Thus the third goal of this research is to increase the awareness of the society regarding early marriage. 1. 3Method of Research For the purpose of this research, relevant information was obtained from internet and books. This report is divided into several parts such as background information, factors that lead to early marriage, advantages and disadvantages of early marriage, as well as either early marriage can impede self development of young adolescence or not. A set of questionnaire will be distributed to 35 SAM student of INTI International University College. Some of the questions are using 6-point Likert scale, as it is the best measurement scale to gain people’s response without anyone sitting on the fence (Faculty Senate Advancement of Teaching (AOT) Committee, 2004). An interview also will be conducted as part of the research techniques. 2. BACKGROUND INFORMATION ABOUT EARLY MARRIAGE. 1. Terms and Terminologies Oxford Advance Learners’ Dictionary (2006, page 481 and 941), defines early as near to the beginning of a period. Meanwhile, marriage means the legal relationship between a husband and wife. In short, early marriage means the legal relationship between a husband and wife at the beginning of their youth life. (Oyortey, N Pobi, S 2003) They also defines early matrimony as any marriage that take place before the party involved is at least 18 years old (Oyortey, N Pobi, S 2003). . Statistical Studies of Early Marriage 1. Prevalence of Young Marriage The practice of young marriage is most common in developing countries (United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 2001). As reported by Joyce (2001), the analysis made by Demographic and Healthy Survey data shows the countries which face most cases of early marriage are Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asian regions. Among the countries that have high cases of young marriage, Niger is the most distinctively affected country with 88 percent of the women married before the age of 18. Adapted From: Joyce, L. F. , et al. (2001). Future Options Foreclosed: Girls Who Marry Early. Reproductive Health and Rights. 139-143. Retrieved January 25, 2008, from the World Wide Web: http://www. path. org/files/RHR-Article-14. pdf. 3. Major Factors That Lead to Early Marriage The reasons leading to the immense number of youngsters that marry in most developing countries varies. Poverty is one of the main factors underpinning early marriage (Joyce, 2001). A young girl is regarded as an economic burden to a poor family, thus early marriage is considered as a strategy for economic survival. A recent study of five very poor villages in Egypt shows that young girls are being married off to much older men from oil-rich Middle Eastern countries for family survival (UNICEF, 2001). Besides, early marriage is one way to vouch that a girl is secured from physical and sexual harassments (UNICEF, 2001). Many parents from different beliefs and customs regard that early marriage is essential to safeguard their daughters from these abuses. For instance, some families in Northern Uganda encourage their young girls to marry militia members in order to secure protection (UNICEF, 2001). Furthermore, as reported by Mathur in her report, they emphasized that gender roles is one of the main causes of the occurrence of early matrimony. (Mathur, S, et al 2003) A study conducted shows that in major culture of the developing countries, the transition age of a girl from children to adulthood are not meant for them to find their own personality. Whereas, all the experience they gain during the time span of being adolescence are only for them to be prepared for matrimony (Mathur, S, et al 2003) Additionally, another factor that contributes to early spousal elationship is because of the fear that the girl may lose her virginity before she gets married since many regard it as the paramount attribute to a girl’s esteem. (Mathur, S, et al 2003) A survey had revealed that early marriage was considered as a solution of pregnancy outside of marriage. (Huq and Amin, 2001 as cited in Mathur S et al, 2003) And in the third world countries, marriage shortly after puberty is commo n among those living traditional lifestyles (Joyce, 2001). 2. Opponents’ Views Against Early Marriage 3. 1 The Denial of Education The opposition of early marriage believed that early marriage denies the right of young adolescents especially for female to the education they postulate for self-development. In traditional societies, the investment for a girl’s education is thought to be wasted as the girl is going to marry and stay at home doing household chores (UNICEF, 2001). For instance, Demographic Health Survey data collected from Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan had shown a clear link between marriage and withdrawal from school (UNICEF, 2001). A girl will drop out from school, if a good marriage prospect arises (UNICEF, 2001). Because of the early end of female education, they will have constricted chances of enhancing skills and acquiring knowledge, restricting their economic and career opportunities (Joyce, 2001). This is because withdrawal from school will results in functionally illiterate and unskilled women causing them to have no perceivable part in many professional field. 2. Health and Reproduction Problem Those who are not in the favour of early marriage had argued that early childbearing which always occurs in early marriage endanger the lives of both the mother and her baby (Joyce, 2001). The early pregnancy increases the risk of complications and dying during delivery. A report shows that the risk of death due to pregnancy-related cases is doubled among women aged from 15 to 19 compared to adult women (Adhikari, 2006). They further stressed that these girls are also more susceptible to sexually-transmitted diseases (UNICEF, 2001). A girl is physiologically more inclined to contracting HIV/AIDS, based on the idea stating that a girl vagina is still not yet well protected with protective cells and her cervix may be more easily eroded (Oyortey, N Pobi, S 2003). For instance, in some of the worst affected African countries, teenage girls are being infected at a rate of five to six times greater than those of young men (Oyortey, N Pobi, S 2003). 3. Psychosocial Disadvantages When early marriage takes place, the girl will be confronted by some, if not many, emotional stress. Sociologists suggested that this is due to their confinement at home because of the endless household chores hence denying them of their freedom (UNICEF, 2001). Most of the girls that are affected by the aforementioned situation will eventually have negative effects on their emotional well being. An Indian research conducted in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh found that the spouses of early marriage usually suffered from great psychosocial damage (UNICEF, 2001). Another concern raised by the opponents is that the young girl loses her social life outside her family cycle and this will affect her chances of cultivating her own identity (UNICEF, 2001). The most important implication of this is that her self-esteem is silently hindered from being developed and this will make her vulnerable to sexual and physical violence. In Eastern Africa for instance, a young wife has no rights to refuse sex to her husband even though her partner is suspected with HIV (UNICEF, 2001). 4. 0 Proponents’ Views on Early Marriage 4. 1 Health Benefits The proponents believed that body functions are more effective and healthy at early stage in life. For women, the body is particularly geared towards reproduction during early adulthood (Orsi, 2001). Early marriage is beneficial because desire and energy from young couples produce healthy offspring. The Tempest and Dreams EssaySome of the cases were caused by love and arranged marriage but it is not as significant as compared to the cases that are caused by premarital sex. Sex outside of legal marriage is the major contributor to early marriage. He added that in Malaysia, a few steps have been taken by the government in order to reduce the problem. Under Malaysian Law, youngsters who want to get married must be at least 18 years old for male and likewise 16 years old for female and both of them must have permission from the court. Also, for Muslim, Malaysian government will provide them with courses regarding marriage, before and after marriage. This is to enhance the relationship between those who had married so that divorcement can be somewhat prevented. When Encik Eizzul was asked this particular question, â€Å"which one is more important, practising early marriage in order to hold back the teenagers from committing sin or not practising it due to the consequences it bring? †, he answered it depends on the youngsters itself. But from his point of view, some Muslim scholars had agreed that it is permissible to the teenagers to masturbate, only after he or she had tried to control himself or herself but still cannot put their sexual desire on hold. But still, by doing this, it is far much better than getting married and then put a hole on the family institution, hence leads to social deterioration. Encik Eizzul also expresses his disagreement towards the statement â€Å"early marriage restrict the bride’s mobility and cause them to less socialize. † The term socialize has a big meaning and not only restricted to social life with bachelors only. There are a lot of organizations for married women such as organizations for mothers, organization for wives and many others. So, based on his explanations, the statement is not quite true. Finally, Mr Eizzul ‘Ala concluded that early marriage brings more harm than good to youngsters nowadays because of unhealthy consequences that it brings to them. 8. 0 Conclusion In short, the practice of early marriage in our society today does hinder personal development of individuals in terms of health, character building and intellectual qualities. First, a girl is more susceptible to diseases and complications when sex intercourse takes place between the spouses occur at an early age. Early pregnancies followed by childbearing can also bring harm to the girl by increasing the risks of dying and complications during delivery. The loss of mobility and social life due to the early marriage will result in lack of self esteem and great emotional stress. In addition, limited education is obvious among those who marry early. The findings, which is the interview and survey that had been conducted has a contradict results with my hypothesis. Most of the respondents as well as the person that I had interviewed disagree with early marriage. This is maybe because of the background of my respondents. Majority of them were Chinese so they may have different way in viewing this matter. Parenting skills may have a great impact to the children in seeing the world. There are also some possibilities that the place where my respondents grew up affect the result. The value from urban area might be different with the value from rural area. Nonetheless, the results of my findings are in the same line with results from other research which is scholarly. Therefore, the practice of early marriage is proven to hinder personal development and should be reduced among young adolescents especially in developing countries with high incidence of young marriage. 9. 0 Bibliograph |Adhikari, R. K. (2006). Early Marriage and Childbearing: Risks and Consequences. | |62-64, (Online) Available from: www. ho. int/ reproductive-health/ publications/towards_adulthood/7. pdf. (Accessed: 14th January| |2008) | |Faculty Senate Advancement of Teaching (AOT) Committee, (February 2002). Available from: | |http://oregonstate. edu/dept/senate/agen/reports/aot. rep. html | |(Accessed:12th December 2007) | |Joyce, L. F. , et al. (2001). Future Options Foreclosed: Girls Who Ma rry Early. |Reproductive Health and Rights. 139-143. (Online) Available from: http://www. path. org/files/RHR-Article-14. pdf. (Accessed 25th | |January 2006) | |Judith K. M. , (n. d). Marriage A Thing of the Past? (Online) Available from http://www | |. islamonline. net/iol-english/dowalia/society-27-12/society1. asp. (Accessed 14th January 2008) | | | |Kermalli, Y G. , (May 2006). The Community on Friday Importance of Early Marriage in Islam (Online) Available from: | |http://www. worldfederation. org/ Secretariat/TConFri/Tconfri_EarlyMarriage. htm. (Accessed: 12th February 2008) | |Mathur, S et al (2003). Too Young To Wed, The Lives, Rights, and Health Of Young Married Girls. Available from: http://www. | |icrw. org/docs/tooyoungtowed | |_1003. pdf (Accessed: 19th October 2007) | |Orsi, M. P. (October, 2001). A Case for Earlier Marriage. (Online) Available from Ignatius Press: | |http://www. catholicculture. org. docs/. (Accessed 29th January 2008) | |Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary, 7th edition, English level: Upper- Intermediate to Advance, 2006, Sally | |Wehmeier,California, USA. (page 481 and 941) | | | |Oyortey, N. Pobi, S. , (2003). Early Marriage and Poverty. (Online) Available from | |http://www. eenet. org. uk/key_issues/gender/emarriage_poverty. pdf. (Accessed 27th November 2007) | | | |United Nation Children’s Fund. (2001). â€Å"The Impact of Early Marriage On | |Children and On Society†. Innocenti Digest 7- Early Marriage Child Spouses. | |(Online), March 2001. (Online) Available from: http://www. unicef-icdc. rg/publications/pdf/digest7e. pdf. (Accessed 3rd January | |2008) | 10. 0 Appendix 10. 1 Interview Question Interview Questions for Investigative Study: 1) Based on your personal experience handling the early marriage and divorc e cases between young couples, is early marriage gives more harm or benefit to the youngsters nowadays? 2) What are the factors that contribute to early marriage? 3) What can be done by the government to curb the practise of early marriage? ) From your opinion, which one is more important, practising early marriage in order to hold back the teenagers from committing sin or not practising it due to the consequences it bring? 5) Some people claims that marriage at an early age restrict women mobility and hence they will have fewer friends. They also tend to be stressful since they lost their happy-youth time and have to serve their husband at such age. How do you feel about this? 6) What are your personal views on the practise of early marriage among the adolescents? 10. 2 Survey Questions My name is Muhamad Nur Farhan Muhamad Fadzil; ID No: I 07007006. Currently I am studying South Australian Matriculation Programme at INTI International University College. I am conducting a survey regarding marriage at an early age for my English as Second Language Research Investigation Studies. I am concerned with the practice of early marriage at most of developing countries and its consequences towards young adolescents. I sincerely appreciate your cooperation in completing this questionnaire. All views will be kept confidential. 1. You are: Male Female 2. Age: _____ 3. Where is your hometown? Urban area. ] Rural area. 4. What is your race? Malay Chinese Indian Punjabi Others 5. How many siblings do you have? 1-2 None 3-4 Other (if any) 5-6 |Very important |Important |Neutral |Not important |Not important at all | |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | 6. How vital is it for you to graduate from university? 7. When do you think is the best time to get married? ] Now After tertiary education After high school Don’t know During tertiary education Never |Strongly agree |Agree |Somehow agree |Somehow |Disagree |Strongly agree | | | | |disagree | | | |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 | Please select and circle the response category that best represents your reaction to each statement 8. Marriage can change a person for the better. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements when adolescents marry at 18 or younger? They would Strongly Agree Somehow Somehow Disagree Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Disagree 9. Have more friends. 1 2 3 4 5 6 10. Face health problems (early 1 2 3 4 5 6 Childbearing, early pregnancy, HIV and AIDS). 11. Not need for education. 1 2 3 4 5 6 12. Have financial problems. 2 3 4 5 6 13. Have more marital stressors. 1 2 3 4 5 6 14. Have too many family 1 2 3 4 5 6 responsibilities and no time for education. For question no 16, if you agree, please proceed to the next question, if you disagree, please proceed to question 21. 15. Do you have any experience regarding early marriage? (Yourself, relatives or friends) No Yes, please describe the experience__________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ________________ ____________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 16. How long does the couple’s relationship survive? _______ Years. 17. Is the couple happy with their situation now? Yes. No. please states the reasons. ____________________________________________________________ ________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________ 18. When the couple decides to get married early, are there any obstacles? No Yes 19. What are the obstacles? Parent’s disagreement Financial constraints Others. (Please states the obstacles below) ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________ 20. In your opinion, do you agree or disagree with early marriage? (Please express your opinion) ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _______ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _______________ _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________

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Crossing the Threshold free essay sample

The Courage of Scott Carded It Is difficult to know what one will do when faced with a life or death decision. Many do not even encounter such choices. What Is thought In that spit second moment? You could save yourself or possibly save another; you could also die trying. Could you put all self-regarding values aside and complete an absolute act of courage? This Is a man who did. Scott Carded had the courage to risk his own life for another.It was Coots third deployment. He Is Infantry. He and his men walk directly Into an enemy ruse. Gunfire and grenades threaten their very existence. Staff Sergeant screams to take cover, but it is too late for one man. He is down, lying vulnerably in the open. Between shots and explosions, Scott can hear the agonizing screams. He has no time to hesitate, enemy fire is closing in. We will write a custom essay sample on Crossing the Threshold or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Stay behind cover in safety or aide his brother in arms. No man left behind he shouts at his commanding officer. Scott tears through the sand toward the screaming, toward the danger, toward his possible death. As he reaches his destination, he is shot through his hand by an enemys rifle. Does he flee? No. He drags the man who has been shot through his stomach the 500 Ft. To cover with his other hand. Scott hears an all too familiar screech. He will not lose this man, not now; he knows what to do. He lies on top of him to absorb the airborne shrapnel from the grenade. The metal pierces his back and side.That man is alive today because Scott risked his life for him. Scott crossed the threshold when he stepped out of cover to retrieve a friend. He overcame fear of death and fear of failure. Courage is not absence of fear, but making the choice to overcome it, facing it head-on. Scott Carded was awarded a bronze star and multiple purple hearts in reward of his single act of courage. He did not give up. He was determined. Do not give up on your objective; you may even save a life.