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Business information system Essay - 825 Words

Business information system (Essay Sample) Content: Business Information SystemBy students nameCourse code+ nameProfessors nameUniversity nameCity, stateDate of submissionQ1. Define security, threat, exposure and vulnerability in relation to Information Systems security. Identify which components of a computer based information system must be protected by the information system security. In regard to information systems security, the term security can be defined as the degree of protection from, or resistance to harm. As noted by Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, it applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, nation, or organization According to Straub and Goodman et al. (2008) threat is a method that is used to provoke or stir up a risk that can be dangerous. Vulnerability on the other hand is any weak point in a target that can potentially be utilized by a security threat while exposure is the act of being subjected to a security threat or being subjected to a threat.Russell an d Deborah et al. (1991) clearly stated that various components of a computer based information system have to be protected by the information system security. This includes the system access which controls the access to that system. It determines who is allowed to access the computer based information system by checking and verifying whether whoever is logged in to the system is legitimate or not. The system completes that transaction in two steps; identification and authentication according to Russell and Deborah et al. (1991)The second component of a computer based information system that must be protected is data access as portrayed by Clifton and Sutcliffe et al. (1994). Data should be protected in the sense that those accessing the data should be verified by the system before transacting any business with the system. It is completed in two steps that is: discretionary access control and mandatory access control.Malware, a short form for malicious software, refers to a software programs that are designed specifically to disrupt computer operations, gather important and sensitive data or information, perform unwanted actions to a computer or even gain access to computer based information systems.Q2. Explain malware and the 3 major categories of software attacks. Include definitions of a logic bomb, back door, denial of service attack and distributed denial of service attack. According to malware includes: computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware which are very hostile and intrusive software. Users rely on other software to counter the malware. Such software includes: firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware. Christodorescu (2007) stipulates that a logic bomb is a computer malware that remains hidden in a software system and only sets off a malicious function when certain specified conditions are met. It is normally a piece of code, deliberately inserted into a software system.According to Thompson and Chase (2005), another malware is ca lled backdoor which is computer software that enables the users to bypass the normal authentication, thus get to a position of accessing a computer information system illegally. The backdoor may disguise itself in an installed program such as Back Orifice, or may subvert the entire system using Rookit.A denial of service is a malicious act of trying to deny the users an opportunity to visit a certain server by either temporarily making it unavailable or suspending the activities of the host by disrupting the internet as according to Thompson and Chase (2005).A distributed denial of service on the other hand is a type of attack whereby, a multitude of malicious attacks are directed to a single server that is targeted. As Russell and Deborah et al. (1991) puts it in their book Computer Basics, Information security control protects the information stored in the computer from being lost, changed either maliciously or accidentally, or read or modified by those not authorized to access i t. Define and discuss the major categories of information security controls. Provide 2 examples of each. There are various categories of information security control: they are system access controls, data access control system and security administration and system design.Van Schaik (1985) points out that system access controls ensure that no user that is not permitted to access the system is allowed to enter into the system and also protecting the password data by changing the passwords on a regular basis. System access section introduces the basic controls. Data access controls perform the task of monitoring the individuals who can access various systems or data and also the purpose of accessing certain computer based systems. It introduces the basics of data controls defined for different levels for secure systems as Van Schaik (1985) stipulates.Ardagna (2012) points that system and security administration is the third part of information security controls, and deals with offline procedures that can in one way or another build or destroy a secure system, by clearly delegating and identifying the responsibilities of a system administrator, training users step by step and at the same time monitoring them to ensure that no security policies are compromised. Lastly, system design is the fourth control in which Russell and Deborah et al. (1991) describe that it takes advantage of basic hardware and software security characteristics; for example, using a system architecture that's able to segment memory, thus isolating privileged processes from non privileged processesQ4. Define a business continuity plan contrasting a cold, warm and hot site.According to web definitions (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) a business continuity plan identifies an organization's exposure to internal and external threats and synthesizes hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for the o...

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Unanswered Problems With Write My Research Paper Exposed

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Essay on The Pros and Cons of Marxism - 1907 Words

The ideology of Marxism, established by German philosopher Karl Marx, is a collectively known set of assumptions of a political ideology, which focuses especially on analysis of materialist interpretation of historical development, or on class struggle within the society. The primarily approach of Marxism, nonetheless, was the critique of capitalism. The strength of his inquiry lies in belief of inevitable shift from capitalism and he aims to advocate the new form of ideology and economy, the socialism. The title of this essay is provocative as in today ´s world, there exist many proponents who claim, the core of Marx conception of ideology is still relevant in the 21st globalised world. However, Marxism is relevant to the extent to which†¦show more content†¦Manifesto deals with Bourgeois and Proletarians, where he is asserting that bourgeois is constantly trying to maximize its profit by exploiting proletarians and their manual labour. Marx and Engels claim â€Å"The hi story of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggle†. At this point it is almost certain, why IR influenced Marx as much as he came up with idea of socialism and yet, of communism. Secondarily, the (FR) in France from 1789 to 1799 was another radical and political event in the worldwide history. Marx and Engels based their analysis of the FR, as a series of class struggle. Both concluded, that in society of material inequality it is impossible to reach an actual freedom, considering the slogans of IR â€Å"Liberty, Equality and Fraternality†, if the society is divided into exploiters and exploited, meaning Bourgeoisie and Proletariat. This observation was vital to Marx ´s concept. The next section draws attention on the central feature of Marxist approach, the historical materialism. The â€Å"Materialist Conception of history† was to the Critique of Political Economy; the fundamental argument here, is that economics is the motor for the history as a whole; in other words, Marxists argue that the procedure of historical changes is in analyse,Show MoreRelatedThe Pros and Cons of Functionalism and Marxism2300 Words   |  10 Pagescrime are Functionalism and Marxism. I have done so, as I believe both theories are important/ significant to the study of crime and differentiate from each other. I will do this by writing a critique the advantages and disadvantages of both of the theories and thus, resulting in my own personal opinion in the conclusion. Marxism derived from German philosophers Karl Marx (also a political economist/ sociologist) and Friedrich Engels in the middle of the 1800s. ‘Marxism is based on the idea thatRead MoreCapitalism, Liberalism And Marxism Leninism1486 Words   |  6 Pagesconcept of wealth; how do I get more? In the world of economics there are several theories and approaches but the three main powerhouses that have either stood the test of time or paved the way for economic revolutions are Mercantilism, Liberalism and Marxism-Leninism. Each of these economic theories have great strengths in their own rights but are of course not without great limitations. While there is no such thing as an inherently perfect economic and political system it is quite obvious that some comeRead MoreSelf-Control Theory1854 Words   |  8 Pagesresolution involves a range of essential skills and techniques, which are of value in organizing and building social movements and parties. Social control resolution means regulation of the application of a particular set of laws or rules (Encyclopedia of Marxism, 2008). Positive and negative effects in conflict theory According to the examples and experiences of others the word conflict deems negativity. However, conflict also entails both negative and positive outcomes as well. On the negative side conflictRead MoreFive Theories in the Bedroom of the Dead Essay876 Words   |  4 Pagesto recap his work (Garrett 123). Garrett takes time to point out why each theory can and cannot work for â€Å"The Dead† using historical and textual evidence to support his claims. The theories in question are: deconstruction, structuralism, feminism, Marxism, and psychoanalysis. The author uses theories that differ widely from one another. However, Garrett explains that each theory needs the other to elaborate why it works or does not work for the story in question. The author summarizes his work inRead MoreEssay about Capitalism and Socialism1566 Words   |  7 Pagespractice; the one enabling the consumers and the individual firms to turn market gears, and the other relying heavily on government involvement and interference. It is important first to notice that capitalism’s defining characteristics imply some pros and cons. The premise that capitalism revolves around is that the invisible hand, or the markets, should control how the economy is run. Businesses make what the consumer wants. This system upholds the sanctity of private property ownership. CapitalismRead MoreDirector Stanley Nelson s The Black Panthers : Vanguard Of The Revolution1121 Words   |  5 PagesDirector Stanley Nelson’s The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution attempts to document the history of the notorious Black Panthers from the mid 1960s to about the mid 1970s. The documentary admirably tries to showcase the pros and cons of the bigger than life movement. I think Nelson is largely able to accomplish this with his use of first hand footage. The way the footage was woven into the narrative made statistics and facts more real for me, because I see the children being feed, the illustrationsRead MoreThe War I W as A Good Leader Essay1313 Words   |  6 PagesSome of his Pros would be that he led Americans during World War 2, and he was a very good leader. Then there are a bunch of things that people have mixed feelings about like him taking America a step forward as far as isolationism. Then his cons would be that he had introduced deficit spending, served 4 terms and the completely unnecessary japanese internment camps. I think my liberal parents were mostly correct in deeming FDR a GREAT leader, though he had some real faults. He did not crash theRead MoreIncome Inequality Essay938 Words   |  4 Pagesbetter off than without the entrepreneur (Pettinger). German economist Karl Marx described a system in which a small percentage of people who controlled large amounts of capital, made the most important economic decisions. Marxs theories, known as Marxism, say that economic societies progress through class struggle. A conflict between an upper ownership class that controls production and a lower labor class that provides the labor for production is necessary. Although Marx’s theories were developedRead MoreQuestions on Social Administration1228 Words   |  5 Pagesammendment. It is followed by the third reading called the consideration stage, where debate is made to tackle on the detailed discussion regarding the clause, as well as the amendments proposed; the arguments of the proposal and the weighing of the pros and cons of the bill. The stage is crucial for the bill to be accepted or rejected. The bill will proceed to the next level, to the appropriate offices such as to the King and Queen Royal assent, or the presidential assent where recommendations are madeRead MoreCapitalism Vs. Socialism And Communism1175 Words   |  5 Pagesindustrial revolution. Socialism is the idea that the working class, the class that produces everything should run the country collectively for the benefit of the majority. Socialism is the base or stepping stone to other ideologies such as Communism and Marxism. Communism is similar to socialism except instead of public ownership the government owns everything and it is their job to distribute the wealth equally. In theory socialism and other variants would be very strong choices when it comes to econ omic

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A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner - 1552 Words

Ryan Dunn Mrs. Williams English 11 March 11, 2016 In the short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily† by William Faulkner, the reader is given a glimpse of the internal conflict of the main character, living in the past, and the involvement of an over involved society causing the reader to look into the consciousness of an individual haunted by a past and lack of a future. The story is set in a post-Civil War town in the South. He is able to give the reader a glimpse of the practices and attitudes that had united the people of the South. Emily is a vibrant and hopeful young girl, whom the town watches become a brittle, rigid, terribly old-fashioned reclusive. â€Å"She is unable to move on from events that cause dramatic change in her own life and so becomes a â€Å"tragic heroine† (Akers 257). Emily had been â€Å"a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town.† In their own subtle, southern way, they cared for her and thusly became overly involved in her life. It is a traumatic event that shows how the sweet girl is i n reality a woman of deep, dangerous and ultimately homicidal passion. The main character Emily Grierson is stuck living in the past within the isolated reality that she has both been forced into and that she herself has created. Everything in her life has changed. Her father is gone, the neighborhood is no longer a grand place, and taxmen are knocking on her door. She would have to cling to that which had robbed her as people will. (Faulkner 821). Through the revelation of theShow MoreRelatedA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner923 Words   |  4 PagesA Rose for Emily; A Tale of The Old South William Faulkner was born in New Albany, Mississippi in 1897 but lived most of his life in Oxford, a small town nearby. After dropping out of high school then briefly joining the Canadian Air Force, he returned home and completed three terms at the University of Mississippi (Fulton 27). During his early twenties Faulkner spent time in New Orleans and Europe before returning to Oxford and publishing his first book of poems. In 1929 he married Estelle FranklinRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner1729 Words   |  7 PagesJune 24, 2015 â€Å"A Rose for Emily† In every neighborhood there is always that one house that is a mystery to everyone. A house that everyone wants to know about, but nobody can seem to be able to dig up any answers. It’s the type of place that you would take any opportunity or excuse to get to explore. The littler that is known, the more the curiosity increases about this mysterious place or person. In the short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily† by William Faulkner, this mysterious person is Emily Grierson, andRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner949 Words   |  4 PagesIn William Faulkner’s â€Å"A Rose for Emily† it is clear how Emily’s gender affects how the individuals in the town perceive her. Emily’s gender particularly affects how men understand her. Throughout the whole piece Emily is seen as a helpless individual who is lonely and has suffered losses throughout her life. When the reader reaches the end of the story the actions that Emily has taken is unexpected because of the way she is perceived by the narrator. In the beginning of the story, when the wholeRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner1577 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"A Sarah Markins Dr. Bibby ENG 107 February 11, 2015 â€Å"A Rose for Emily† by William Faulkner â€Å"A Rose for Emily†, written by William Faulkner in 1931, follows a series of peculiar events in Miss Emily Griersons life. Written in third person limited, Faulkner utilizes flashbacks to tell of the period between the death of Emily’s father and her own passing. Split into five short sections, the story starts out with the townspeople of Jefferson remembering Emily’s legacy and how each new generation ofRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner1507 Words   |  7 Pages1897, William Cuthbert Faulkner was born in New Albany, Mississippi. He stands as one of the most preeminent American writers of the twentieth century. His literary reputation included poetry, novels, short stories, and screenplays. Faulkner won two Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction and the Nobel Prize in Literature. â€Å"A Rose for Emily† is a short fascinating story written by William Faulkner and it was his first short story published in a national magazine. The story involved an ol d woman named Emily GriersonRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner883 Words   |  4 PagesIn the timeless classic, â€Å"A rose for Emily† by William Faulkner we are introduced to Emily Grierson, a matured sheltered southern woman; born to a proud, aristocratic family presumably during the American Civil War. Through out the short story William Faulkner uses many literary devices such as symbolism, metaphors and allegory to play with â€Å"time† and how time reflects upon his main character Emily Grierson. Emily being one who denies the ability to see time for what it is linear and unchangeableRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner1270 Words   |  6 PagesWilliam Faulkner’s short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily† thoroughly examines the life of a strange woman name Emily Grierson who lives in the town of Jefferson. If we examine â€Å"A Rose for Emily† in terms of formalist criticism, we see that the story dramatizes through setting, plot, characterization, and symbolism on how Miss Emily’s life is controlled by a possessive love she had for her father and lover. William Faulkner uses Emily’s life as the protagonist to examine from a formalist aspect. In orderRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner1780 Words   |  8 PagesIn 1930, William Faulkner wrote a five-part story entitled â€Å"A Rose for Emily† that follows the life of a young woman named Miss Emily Grierson. Faulkner sets his story in the Old South, soon after the ending of America’s Civil War, and represents the decaying values of the Confederacy (Kirszner Mandell, 2013a, p. 244). One of these values which the text portrays quite often in â€Å"A Rose for Emily†, is the patriarchal custom of society viewing men as having more importance than their female counterpartsRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner1277 Words   |  6 PagesMiss Emily Grierson, the main character in the strange short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily† written by William Faulkner. It would be best to examine her in a mental capacity as well as the circumstances that may affect her. Throughout the story, Miss Emily’s unpredictable and eccentric behavior becomes unusual, and the reader, like the townspeople in the story, is left to speculate how Miss Emily has spent years living and sleeping with the body of Homer Barron. An important quote from the story was thatRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner931 Words   |  4 PagesShort Stories A Rose for Emily is a short story written by William Faulkner. This story takes place in Faulkner s fictional city, Jefferson, Mississippi, in Yoknapatawpha County. Young Goodman Brown is a short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This story takes place during the 17th century and discusses the Puritan belief that all of humanity exists in a state of corruption, except those who are fortunately born into a state of grace. In â€Å"A Rose for Emily,† Emily’s house is a commemoration

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William Shakespeare s Romeo And Juliet - 1772 Words

It’s Easy To Let Go: Justifying Fate William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Since the formation of social interactions between lives with the intellectual ability to make coherent interactions with each other, we have made choices that have consequences both good and bad, which in turn define our fate. In early civilization, before the Homo sapiens species defined their fate such as how Homo erectus found fire; an element that is essential to survival of species throughout history. Was that a coincidence or a discovery made out of necessity? Ancient governments such as that of Greece and Rome consisted of philosophers such as Socrates that believed that the average citizen does not have the aptness to make decisions that will benefit the†¦show more content†¦Romeo and Juliet form an intimate relationship, and are referred to as the, â€Å"Star Crossed Lovers†, which suggests there are outside forces controlling their affair, yet can these forces be inheritance of other people’s actions and not simply predetermined instances? The outcome of your life, and ultimately your fate can’t be predetermined because in Romeo and Juliet, the family feud, Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, and the deaths that occurred were all consequences of decisions that were made, and not uncontrollable fate. Instigating a chronic instance in which the motive behind it is constantly changing based on what is currently occurring in lieu of it must be controlled by a conscious chain of decisions. If it were not controlled by decision, then there would be no clear motives. The family feud in Romeo and Juliet is introduced immediately in the prologue, â€Å"The fearful passage of their death-marked love, / And the continuance of their parents’ rage / Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove, Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage†(prologue, 9-12)... A feeling such as rage being portrayed justifies there being a reason for the feelings, and a reason must be backed by reason, and reason is a factor in decision making. In Act 1.1 the play starts in the streets of Verona where members of the Capulet and Montague house are fighting. There is correspondence between members of the Capulet house on how they wish

Rutherford B. Hayes Essay - 1122 Words

amp;#9; Rutherford B. Hayes was considered by many to be a simple, uncontroversial, and honest man to run for the presidency. That is why many people are perplexed that such an astute person should have one of the most controversial elections and presidencies ever. Considering Hayes’ honorable principles, it came as a surprise to see how he could unknowingly make a decision about reconstruction where its effects were so blatantly derogatory to the cause he was trying to help. amp;#9;The controversy began when he was merely running for office. Hayes was running against Democrat Samuel J. Tilden. When the ballots were tallied in 1876, Hayes clearly lost the popular vote, and had lost the electoral vote 184 to 165 . However, twenty votes†¦show more content†¦He thought that the country and most white southerners would welcome a policy of moderation and react by assuring rights previously granted only sparingly . Consequently, he thought that by releasing troops from the last two remaining states would, quot;get from those states by their governors, legislatures, press, and people pledges that the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and fifteenth Amendments shall be faithfully observed; that the colored people shall have equal rights to labor, education, and the privileges of citizenshipquot; . His theory that the southern government keeps their honor was severely disturbed by what was to follow in the near future. An 1871 report to Congress says that in nine counties in South Carolina there were 35 lynchings, 262 black men and women were severely beaten, and over 100 homes were burned . To Hayes’ benefit, most people believed that he truly didn’t foresee what would happen with his policy. Professor John W. Burgess noted Hayes quot;greatest struggle which he had with himself ... was the question whether he was deserting the just cause of the black man and delivering him back to servitudequot; . There were actually mixed emotions about the topic all around. Evan William Gillete agrees that, quot;the reaction of most northern Republicans ranged from enthusiastic relief that the issue of the use of troops in the south would no longer intrude into every campaign, to fatalistic acceptance of the necessity of withdrawalquot;.Show MoreRelatedRutherford B. Hayes s Impact On The Civil Rights Movement933 Words   |  4 PagesRutherford B. Hayes Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th president of The United States of America. He also served in other important political positions, including the Governor of Ohio. Perhaps the most important thing Hayes did was get America on the right track towards the civil rights movement. During the president s political career, he was known for being honest and trustworthy, which helped him become one of our nation’s presidents. Rutherford B. Hayes was born on OctoberRead MoreWhat Did The End Of The Reconstruction Happened?1046 Words   |  5 PagesKyera Dancy Mr.Stanley American History 9 January 2017 Rutherford B. Hayes Who is Rutherford B. Hayes? What did he do while in office? How well did he work with congress? How well did he work with foreign countries? How well did he help the American people? Did he keep the economy ordered and organized? Hayes was the 19th President of the United States, he only served one term as president from 1877 to 1881. He was involved in the ending of the reconstruction, the Dawes Act, The Great RailroadRead MoreAn Igbo Folklore That Matter942 Words   |  4 Pageslarge extent. Native Americans as a group of persons and cultures have over the course of history been subjugated to tough situations that they have had to fight and protest against. In direct comparison to the tortoise in the story President Rutherford B. Hayes stated in the year 1877 that â€Å"many, if not most of our Indian wars have had their origin in broken promises and acts of injustice on our part.† In the same year, the Dawes Act also known as the General Allotment Act was enshrined to distributeRead MoreAnalysis Of Clara Barton s Life1322 Words   |  6 Pageswere periods of time, some lasting up to a year, where Barton was too ill to communicate with her comrades. After Barton had finally recovered from her illness, she presented her ideas of the United States taking part in the Red Cross to President Hayes where it was devastatingly turned down. Barton even had multiple acquaintances tell her the Red Cross was simply a lost cause. It seemed as if no one was interested her ideas. However, instead of giving up, she surrounded herself with those who wouldRead MoreThe North And The Abraham Lincoln1097 Words   |  5 PagesU.S. history. The candidates for the presidential election were Samuel J. Tilden from New York and opposing Rutherford B. Hayes from Ohio. Tilden outpolled Hayes in the popular vote and also had 184 electoral votes to Hayes’ 165 votes. The interesting part of the electoral votes was that 20 votes were uncounted. Those 20 electoral vote s were in dispute but it was ultimately awarded to Hayes after some dramatic legal and political battle. The outcome of the presidential election was so unpredictableRead More Shadow And Custodial President Essay1858 Words   |  8 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Throughout the history of the world there have been many people remembered for their actions and a great deal more forgotten for no real reason. This does not exempt more recent history. After the American Civil War, six lesser-known Presidents, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, and Harrison, have been given titles of either shadow or custodial presidents. A shadow, is a section of darkness, or a part that follows behind. Some of the Presidents seem to have fallen into the shadows of other eventsRead MoreHarper ´s Weekly Magazine: The Great Railroad Strike of 18771967 Words   |  8 Pageshis editorial position, Harper’s Weekly tended to support the Republican Party. That support of the Republican Party comprised of the election of Ulysses S. Grant in 1868 to Presidency, the Radical Republican’s on Re construction support and Rutherford B. Hayes winning the Presidential election in 1876. The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 took place during the time that Harper’s Weekly was in publication. Harper’s Weekly offered a strong picture to its readers of how the magazine felt the Strike shouldRead MoreEssay about Who Killed Reconstruction?1873 Words   |  8 Pagesofficially crushed the American dream for millions of black Americans. This election saw Rutherford B. Hayes, the Republican candidate and eventual winner, square off against Samuel J. Tilden, the Democratic nominee. Although Tilden won the popular vote by a wide margin, election results in Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana were so close that a winner could not be determined. If these three states went for Hayes, he would win the Electoral College vote and become President. Talk of a new CivilRead MoreThe Word Reconstruction Era984 Words   |  4 Pageselection: Samuel J. Tilden who was a Democrat and Rutherford B. Hayes who was a Republican. Samuel won the Self-governing nomination founded on his courage and honesty record of in collapsing the disreputable Boss of the New York City, Tweed Ring. He attained the administration of New York in the year 1874 and by the year 1876 was chosen as the president. The Democrats and republicans turned to previous Ohio governor and Union general, Rutherford B. Hayes. The voting was centered on corruption issuesRead MoreThe Surrender Of The Confederate Army Brought An End To1196 Words   |  5 PagesThe democrats nominated Samuel J. Tilden and the republicans nominated Rutherford B. Hayes. Each of the candidates claimed they won the states of South Carolina, Louisiana and Florida but it was not resolved. It was now up to Congress to decide the winner but they could not come to an agreement. Congress then appointed a 15 man electoral commission to select the new President. In order to secure the presidency, Rutherford B. Hayes promised to stay out of southern affairs, give control of the south to

Special Topics In Communications Essay Example For Students

Special Topics In Communications Essay Communication is defined as creating symbol systems that can be used to exchange and express information and meanings. The different ways that individuals, groups and societies use these expressions to make sense of daily life is know as their culture. Culture itself can be divided into two classifications. Culture spelled with a capital C is usually associated with art such as classical music, opera, ballet and art museums. These examples can also be called high culture. Culture with a lowercase c represents the way people live through fashion, sports, religion, education and history. Each culture is a different audience.Mass media takes the audience in consideration to provide information that is relevant to them. Media will target people based on age, gender and race to produce programming or text that each will relate to. When the popular teen drama Dawsons Creek first aired in 1997, I was 17. The program was intended to reach out to my age group on issues that were important to us. For about a year and a half I was a Dawsons Creek expert, knowing in detail about the characters and the storylines. Soon after high school I grew restless with the show. I realized it no longer appealed to me because I had grown out of the show. The same network has since come out with programs for the college age group that I now watch. Networks know that they must change just as fast as their audience to keep them. There are many types of mass media today that are available to a large number of people on a daily basis. Sources of mass media and mass communications include newspapers, movies, television programs, radio, books and magazines. Of these mediums, the Internet is the fast growing type of mass communication. I first began using America Online in 1999 for chat rooms. I would go in the rooms and talk to people my age that lived in my area. It was a new way to communicate with people about whatever I wanted. I then noticed people using the chat rooms for a source of spreading their ideas about racism, sexism and general malaise. I believe that most output from the Internet is positive. The Internet is a convenient tool for education, news, entertainment, business and personal communication. Although with a resource with large, hate groups are also going to try and spread their message to the masses. The rapid growth of technology and communications around the world today is bringing up new issues to society everyday, one of these issues actually being the breakdown of the society structure. People no longer have the need to communicate in person. Individuals can pick up a cell phone or log online and instantly be connected to one another. People are leaving the house less and find no reason to. We rely on technology so much to run every aspect of our lives that it will eventually rearrange our lifestyles completely. Many films have tried to express the downfalls of technology and over-industrialization. Movies such as Bladerunner and A.I. show man and their battle to control with the technology in which he has created. I think these filmmakers try to make a statement about the future in these types of productions. I think these films show the consequences that can happen when mankind creates technology they dont have full restrain oveWords/ Pages : 585 / 24

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A life not-lived free essay sample

On October 20, 2010, I wore a purple shirt and purple Converse sneakers to school. That day, some of my classmates where dressed as superheroes, due to the fact it was spirit week preceding the Homecoming dance that Saturday; but I was supporting an issue I felt strongly about. The issue at hand was the memory of six teenagers who took their lives due to daily harassment because of their sexual orientation. At the beginning of the week I had gotten a notice, via Facebook event, reading â€Å"Wear purple on October 20th for: Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation†. It brought to light that there are innocent teenagers taking their lives because of a lifestyle that they did not choose. I thought how awful it must be to not be able to be who you want to be because of something you hadn’t even chosen. We take some things like walking down the street holding hands or being able to slow dance at your prom, for granted. We will write a custom essay sample on A life not-lived or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page What would it be like if we couldn’t have these things? Living in a life where you cannot reach for the stars. I know that it is important to raise awareness, but unfortunately it is impossible to change everyone. I challenge these people to sit back and think, what would happen if it was them, who did not fit in. I know most of them wouldn’t or it would be hard, because it is difficult to imagine a lifestyle in which you do not live. I fully support these gestures of compassion and reaching out to these kids in need. Although I am not gay, I have been through a lot when it comes to fitting in. It has never been easy for me to make friends, and given whatever reason†¦ I do not know. This too is a lifestyle, I did not choose. As far as Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders are concerned, my final piece of advice is to look towards the future. There will soon be someone who loves you, just the way you are. Everyone has a purpose on this Earth, and yours may be to fight and prevail.

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Abraham Isaac Essay Example

Abraham Isaac Essay Example Abraham Isaac Essay Abraham Isaac Essay In this classical piece of art. there is a connexion with the scriptural narrative of Abraham staying to God’s bid. Abraham is commanded to give his one and merely boy. Take your boy. your lone boy Isaac. whom you love. and travel to the land of Moriah. and offer him at that place as a burnt-offering on one of the mountains that I shall demo you. ( Genesis 22:1-2 ) And so the image depicts the last minutes of Abraham and his boy. where Abraham is about to do the greatest forfeit ; hence. God sends down an Angel to halt him and bless him afterwards for demoing great religion. Because you have done this. and have non withheld your boy. your lone boy. I will so bless you. and I will do your offspring every bit legion as the stars of Eden and as the sand that is on the seashore†¦ said the Lord ( Genesis 22:15 ) By analysing the picture. we can separate the characters and find the scene. harmonising with the narrative of Abraham giving Isaac. First. there are three of import characters in the picture that are drawn in great item. The first character we can place is Abraham who is in the centre of the image. where all the action is go oning. We can state that Abraham is the 1 who is keeping the knife in his dominant manus ready to do forfeit. with Isaac on the tabular array. The chief character Abraham. is have oning bright colourss of ruddy and violet. known to be royal colourss and revered. Abraham is besides clothed to the full from top to bottom demoing small tegument. The Angel in the background is have oning a bright white garment clothed from top to bottom. We can state that the Angel is reding Abraham because Abraham’s attending is towards this Angel. We know this is an angel who came down from heaven because of the white wings on its dorsum and how it is levitating from the land. And know that Isaac is on the tabular array because of how immature he looks and small he is clothed. I besides identified how guiltless they are by detecting the tegument tone in each character. Abraham is the darkest because of his life experience and approach of old age. the Angel has a mild tone after Abraham. and so there is Isaac who is palest of them all. I besides interpreted their degree of adulthood by the colour of their hair. Abraham being the oldest holding white hair. the Angel holding mild brown hair. and Isaac being the youngest with healthy dark. black hair. Looking at the place of the characters we can besides picture the hierarchy degrees in each character. Angel remains on the highest land. so Abraham. and so Isaac. I find it peculiarly interesting to happen the lamb being on higher evidences than Isaac. this could be to demo the importance of this animate being that is chosen to be sacrificed for God. Before Abraham is to do his forfeit. he kneels before the wooden communion table remaining close to his boy. We can pick up senses that the male parent has a loving relationship for his boy. There are besides emotions in these characters. Abraham exhibits unhappiness and concern in his facial look. Isaac has a helpless. sad look. where he knows his terminal will come by his ain father’s custodies. What I find diverting the most is that in this picture. Isaac may hold knew he was traveling to be the sacrificial lamb. I believe Isaac knew from the point when he asked his male parent where the lamb for burnt-offering was. I conclude that he knew of this because the manner he is tied up. Isaac is non tied up by the pess. nor is his custodies tied to the tabular array. If Isaac truly wanted to run off he could’ve easy done so. Alternatively Isaac accepted the fact that he was traveling to be sacrificed and so he did non fight. Next. the scenery helps us place the scene of the scriptural history on Abraham giving Isaac. The image background clearly identifies that the giving takes topographic point in a mountain. In the background there is big land below their lift observing how high this is taking topographic point. With the inside informations in the image we can state that the scene took topographic point in a dark fly-by-night country. This image besides exhibits the clip of season. around the clip of autumn because there are losing foliages on the subdivisions. On the right underside corner there is moss turning on stones. and moss merely grows in moist and fly-by-night countries. With the inside informations of the moss and dark colourss we can acquire a sense of dark ambiance of something is non right in the image. The location of the Sun and the angle of the shadow on the land below do non match with each other. The country where it’s brightest above the Angel’s finger can really stand for God or the Heavens above. The Sun should be more towards our left in forepart of the characters where the light radiances on the tree and the characters. Besides the subdivisions and the angle of this picture show that it is indicating to the West. I can merely reason that the ground to indicating to the West has to make something with the Sun lifting in the West and puting in the East. Even the Angel and the lamb are looking to the West while Abraham and Isaac is the lone 1 in the image looking to the East. In decision. I can theorize from the inside informations in the picture that it interprets the scriptural text of the Lord proving Abraham to give his ain boy. This painting exhibits a subject of fright. Abraham fears the Lord and so he chooses to prosecute God’s bid by free will. Isaac shows fear in his facial look but does non fight for his life.

Where to Find Writing Sample Essays For Different Grades

Where to Find Writing Sample Essays For Different GradesStudents often struggle with the difference between a comparison and contrast essay. In high school, students must write an essay to get their grades. Some students don't understand how to write an essay correctly. So how do you find examples of essay samples for each grade level?The first thing you should do is look at how to write an essay for high school students and compare and contrast essay samples for the year above it and then take that information and apply it to your own writing. Even in college, you will be expected to write essays. Find the examples you can use to help you with this process.Make sure you also read the essay examples you're using as closely as possible. Some examples are written very badly, while others may have grammatical or spelling errors. Also, some examples may be one hundred percent correct, while others may have grammar or spelling mistakes, and also misspellings.This means that the examples y ou use should be able to show how the essay should be formatted, so that it will fit well with the current year's guidelines. Additionally, they should be able to show the rules for using form and tone. Formal English, as you may have learned, can be used, and the proper tone for an essay is provided.Essays need to be thought out carefully. Therefore, you may want to compare and contrast essay samples for each grade level, even if it seems that they are good examples for the same year. The best way to decide which examples are good for which grade level is to read each sample carefully.Look at what words and phrases are used, how each sentence flows, and make sure that you are including the steps needed to take a specific action in the essay. Do this until you can compare and contrast essay samples for the current year, plus a different year.By taking a look at the examples, as well as their difficulty level, you will be able to determine how difficult the essay will be for the stud ents in your class, and how you can write the essay to help them. They are the best way to tell you how to get started writing the essay, because the examples for each grade level offer a sample of the structure. Plus, the examples help you get a feel for the subject matter and the language.A lot of students struggle with the difference between a comparison and contrast essay, and most often they do not understand why they must write the essay in such a way. However, you can use the sample examples to help you make sense of the writing and achieve student's success.

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The Denial of Service Attacks essays

The Denial of Service Attacks essays One of the most common attacks on insecure e-commerce systems comes in the form of denial of service attacks. Denial of service attacks can literally overload a server to the point where it can no longer function. This shutdown halts all business transactions that were taking place at the time, and does not allow for potential transactions. When a company's computers are clogged up by this form of attack they lose profits and business just as they would, had it been a traditional store that had to close its doors. There are a few different kinds of denial of service attacks. They all are malicious and are intended to harm the site they are aimed at. The most common form of this attack is known as a SYN Flood. SYN stands for synchronize sequence number. A SYN Flood starts when a malicious computer creates a TCP connection with the intended site. This connection originates as a request for information from that site's server and contains an ID that tells the server where to send that requested information. Normally the server would respond to the request by sending an acknowledgement back to the computer, which originally sent the ID. When the acknowledgement is confirmed the server then sends the requested information to their computer. When the SYN Flood attack happens however, the computer contacting the server sends it requests with false ID's over and over. The server can not get the acknowledgement that it needs to send the information back to the requesting computer, and the connection stays open until it times out. When this process is repeated over and over the server uses up all of its possible connections, and any le gitimate client or customer cannot connect to that server. This form of attack incapacitates the company's server eliminating all potential business. Another form of Denial of service attack uses PING. PING stands for packet Internet groper and what it does is checks whether a server is working or not and al...

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Creative Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Creative Media - Essay Example These building blocks include the sounds and images. The value of aesthetics in animation cannot be quantified. It may appear subtle. However, aesthetics in animation plays a vital role. In other fields like cinemas, the content within a storyline as well as the storyline itself play the aesthetic role. By use of aesthetics, a story may be delivered as intended, or it may deliver the contradictory message. The thrill in collaboration of images and pixels of objects surpasses the verbal grasp. For this reason, animation may appear to be imaginary or real (Kreowski & Ehrig, 2005). In order to deliver the best aesthetics in animation, one needs to consider the coherence of the artificial models. Poor aesthetics, on the other hand, may be able to result in delivery of the wrong message. This could make a film to appear disengaging or even unprofessional. When making animated films, attention to aesthetics is inevitable. Proper aesthetics helps the audience to build their trust in the product. Consequently, they may forget that they are watching a film. This helps in impacting the intended emotions in the audience (Pikkov, & Näripea, 2010). In animation, style may be referred to as the preferences of the filmmaker in the choice of aesthetics. A filmmaker’s style may be determined by the kinds or models of worlds that he chooses to lean on. The choice of style depends on the consideration of its purity and authenticity. In addition, they may choose to exploit their prowess, experience and knowledge. Often, the filmmakers may not be quite aware of their choice of style. These filmmakers perform their chores so faithfully and naturally (Carroll, 2001). Style generates itself through a combination of ideals of the filmmaker. In essence, style emanates through the product as compared to the inputs. Sometimes, style may be misinterpreted as the superficial change of the appearance of an

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Civil Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Civil Rights - Essay Example The law was not an enough catalysts to bring about change. Blacks became convinced that only nonviolent resistance was the best tool for change. Nonviolent resistance attracted the attention of the nation and won the black movement support from Northern States and key statesmen. Strong civil right activism, through the use of non-violent resistance finally made United States to take action to guarantee equality before the law for all citizens. The framers of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendment had one key objective: to make Black Americans equal citizens before the law. However, segregationist legislation (dubbed the Jim Crow laws) began sprouting from all states especially in the South following the Supreme Court separate but equal rule in Plessy v Ferguson. The Jim Crow laws negated the letter and spirit of the framers of the Amendments. They promoted inequality between blacks and whites in United States. According to lecture notes, Black people had to drink in sepa rate water fountain, and eat in separate restaurant. On the bus, if white people didn’t have enough seats, black people had to get out of the bus in order to give them seats (Lecture notes, 18 November 2013). Civil right activism developed in several phases, beginning with small isolated cases of protests such as by Rosa Parks who refused to give seat in a bus to a white person, but leading to the emergence of more militant movements, people and organization. Civil rights activism did not have much success stories until there emerged strong and coordinated Organizations. As Patterson explains, â€Å"though direct-action protest on behalf of civil rights for American Negroes (as African Americans were called in 1964) had a long history, it increased dramatically in the early 1960s. Militant young people in organizations such as the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) spearheaded protests, mainly in the racially segregate d South† (Patterson, Everything you know about the 1960s is wrong). The Montgomery bus boycott saw the beginning of a new phase of protests. It elevated the stature of some black leaders such as Martin Luther King jnr. It marked the beginning of nonviolent resistance to inequality in the American society and the discrimination of the blacks. Dr King, a charismatic religious leader employed religion to support nonviolent resistance. He justified protest using religion and natural law. According to Carman, Dr King argued that â€Å"Non-violent resistance is based on the belief that the universe is just. There is God or a creative force that is moving us toward universal love and wholeness continually† (Carman, Martin Luther King’s philosophy of non-violent resistance). Off course, Dr King faced a lot criticism from his fellow clergy who questioned his religious morality for calling protests, sometimes against the law. He brushed aside his critics. While addressing his followers, he stated that â€Å"we believe in the Christian religion. We believe in the teachings of Jesus. (Well) The only weapon that we have in our hands this evening is the weapon of protest (Address, Martin Luther King). The opponents of nonviolent protests were not only whites. Other black movements, such as the Black Panther Party advocated for the use of all means to achieve equality for the black man,

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The OSI model Essay Example for Free

The OSI model Essay Question: Write a 2-3 page paper describing the OSI model and how it relates to a network. Your response should include answers to the following: †¢ On which layers of the OSI model do WAN protocols operate? †¢ What are some of these protocols? †¢ On which OSI layers do switches and routers operate? †¢ If routers reside at more than one layer, what is the difference between the OSI layers? Introduction: The OSI model was introduced in 1984. Although it was designed to be an abstract model, the OSI model remains a practical framework for todays key network technologies like Ethernet and protocols like IP. The OSI model defines internetworking in terms of a vertical stack of seven layers. The upper layers of the OSI model represent software that implements network services like encryption and connection management. The lower layers of the OSI model implement more primitive, hardware-oriented functions like routing, addressing, and flow control. In the OSI model, data communication starts with the top layer at the sending side, travels down the OSI model stack to the bottom layer, then traverses the network connection to the bottom layer on the receiving side, and up its OSI model stack. How OSI model relates to a network: Information being transferred from a software application in one computer system to a software application in another must pass through the OSI layers. For example, if a software application in System A has information to transmit to a software application in System B, the application program  in System A will pass its information to the application layer (Layer 7) of System A. The application layer then passes the information to the presentation layer (Layer 6), which relays the data to the session layer (Layer 5), and so on down to the physical layer (Layer 1). At the physical layer, the information is placed on the physical network medium and is sent across the medium to System B. The physical layer of System B removes the information from the physical medium, and then its physical layer passes the information up to the data link layer (Layer 2), which passes it to the network layer (Layer 3), and so on, until it reaches the application layer (Layer 7) of System B. Finally, the application layer of System B passes the information to the recipient application program to complete the communication process. Interaction Between OSI Model Layers A given layer in the OSI model generally communicates with three other OSI layers: the layer directly above it, the layer directly below it, and its peer layer in other networked computer systems. The data link layer in System A, for example, communicates with the network layer of System A, the physical layer of System A, and the data link layer in System B. The following figure illustrates this example. Figure : OSI Model Layers Communicate with Other Layers On which layers of the OSI model do WAN protocols operate? A WAN protocols is a data communication protocols which is use in the data communications network that covers a relatively broad geographic area and that often uses transmission facilities provided by common carriers, such as telephone companies. WAN Protocol in WAN technologies, generally function at the lower three layers of the OSI reference model which layers are as following: †¢ Physical layer †¢ Data link layer, and †¢ Network layer. Following figure illustrates the relationship between the common WAN technologies and the OSI model. Figure : OSI Model Layers and WAN Technology specification What are some of these protocols? some protocols which are also operated in the WAN technology are PPP, X.25 etc. On which OSI layers do switches and routers operate? The Network Layer of the OSI model is responsible for establishing paths for data transfer through the network and router are the devices which are used to establishes the path for data transfer. So, routers operate at the Network Layer. And Data Link Layer of the OSI model is responsible for communications between adjacent network nodes. Hubs and switches operate at the Data Link Layer. If routers reside at more than one layer, what is the difference between the OSI layers? Routers generally do not reside at more than one layer, because the router devices are operated in the network layer and they can apply the data link headers when they switch the packet interface and put the signals at the physical layer wires . In this way the routers do work on three different levels, but each job is separate and distinct per layer.

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Adolescence: Stress, Depression, and Suicide Essay -- Adolescent Behavi

Adolescence is a stage of maturation between childhood and adulthood that denotes the period from the beginning of puberty to maturity. However, many conflicting opinions are raised about weather such a stage of childhood is influenced by stress, depression, and suicide rate. Some people support the optimistic view that says that adolescence is not a period of storm and stress. Others, including me, support an opposite pessimistic view which characterizes adolescence as a period of stress and inner turmoil. Unfortunately, it has been recently proved that depression is a growing problem in today's society and a major contributing factor for a multitude of adolescent problems. This is because , as research indicates, adolescent depression is the result of mood disorders accompanying this period and the high suicide rate that is basically a result of such a depression. By analyzing depression, we will find that depression is a disease that afflicts the human psyche in such a way that the afflicted tends to act and react abnormally toward others and himself. Therefore it comes to no surprise to discover that adolescent depression is strongly linked to teen suicide. Adolescent suicide is now responsible for more deaths in youths aged 15 to 19 than cardiovascular disease or cancer (Blackman, 1995). Despite this increased suicide rate, depression in this age group is greatly underdiagnosed and leads to serious difficulties in school, work and personal adjustment which may often continue into adulthood. However, how prevalent are mood disorders in children and when should an adolescent with changes in mood be considered clinically depressed? Brown (1996) has said the reason why depression is often over looked in children and adolescents is because "children are not always able to express how they feel." Sometimes the symptoms of mood disorders take on different forms in children than in adults. Adolescence is a time of emotional turmoil, mood swings, gloomy thoughts, and heightened sensitivity. It is a time of rebellion and experimentation. Blackman (1996) observed that the "challenge is to identify depressive symptomatology which may be superimposed on the backdrop of a more transient, but expected, developmental storm." Therefore, diagnosis should not lay only in the physician's hands but be associated with parents, teachers and anyone who ... ...that lie in their paths, there are some who find themselves overwhelmed and full of stress. How can parents and friends help out these troubled teens? And what can these teens do about their constant and intense sad moods? With the help of teachers, school counselors, mental health professionals, parents, and other caring adults, the severity of a teen's depression can not only be accurately evaluated, but plans can be made to improve his or her well-being and ability to fully engage life. WORKS CITED Blackman, M. (1995, May). You asked about... adolescent depression. The Canadian Journal of CME [Internet]. Available HTTP: Brown, A. (1996, Winter). Mood disorders in children and adolescents. NARSAD Research Newsletter [Internet]. Available HTTP: Lasko, D.S., et al. (1996). Adolescent depressed mood and parental unhappiness. Adolescence, 31 (121), 49-57. Oster, G. D., & Montgomery, S. S. (1996). Moody or depressed: The masks of teenage depression. Self Help & Psychology [Internet]. Available HTTP:

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Hamlet Essay †Misogyny Essay

Misogyny, by definition, is the hatred of women and girls. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, misogyny affects women in negative ways that both impact how a woman is portrayed along with how these stereotypes and controls influence her actions and ultimately lead to her demise. Gertrude and Ophelia, the only major female characters of this play, are both women who must confront various factors and adverse effects of misogyny. Shakespeare uses the patriarchal system to suggest the effects of men’s misogynistic behavior towards women. The patriarchal system allows men to objectify women by using them as pawns, and gives men the power to control and manipulate women as they please. Shakespeare demonstrates this through the words and actions of Polonius, Ophelia’s father. Firstly, the patriarchal system gives Polonius the power to treat Ophelia like an object and control her actions. Claudius, Gertrude, and Polonius all come together in this scene to make a plan on how to di scover why Hamlet has gone so mad. In their conversation, Polonius says, â€Å"At such a time I’ll loose my daughter to him.† (II.ii.174) Here, the word â€Å"loose† emphasizes the cynical unconcern that he has for his daughter. The use of â€Å"loose† in this context is also a pun. Loose means cow, so Shakespeare uses this line as a metaphor to say that Polonius is soon going to â€Å"loose† his daughter, a cow, to a bull, who is none other than Hamlet. Polonius does this again while talking to Ophelia about how she shouldn’t believe Hamlet’s words or rely on any of his promises because according to Polonius, Hamlet doesn’t truly love Ophelia; he simply has a strong lust for her at the moment. â€Å" Ay, springes to catch woodcocks. I do know, / When the blood burns, how prodigal the soul/ Lends the tongue vows,† Polonius explains. (I.ii.120) Shakespeare uses diction here to emphasize what Polonius thinks of his daughter. â€Å"Springes† are snares to catch fools and a â€Å"woodcock† is a bird that is easily taken. In simple terms, Polonius is comparing Ophelia to this foolish type of bird, saying that she is easy to get and fool. Once again, he compa res her to an animal – objectifying her and bringing her down from her status as a human and woman in society. Shakespeare demonstrates how sexuality is portrayed as something crude and wrong through the actions of Queen Gertrude. Hamlet’s aversion towards his mother’s sexuality upkeeps the idea that sexuality is obscene. Hamlet is absolutely disgusted by his mother and while talking to himself, exclaims: â€Å"O, most wicked speed, to post/ With such dexterity to  incestuous sheets!† (I.ii.158-159) Gertrude’s sexuality makes her inappropriate because she remarried with â€Å"wicked speed.† The word â€Å"wicked† has a negative connotation to it. It implies that Gertrude’s speed in remarrying was bad and evil because she betrayed King Hamlet so quickly and the quickness of her actions makes her seem sexually vulgar. Hamlet is disgusted by the fact that his mother was both quick and agile with becoming incestuous. Furthermore, the idea that sexuality is vulgar is further demonstrated when the ghost of King Hamlet reveals his disgust towards Gertrude’s incest. â€Å"So lust, through to a radiant angel linked, / will state itself in a celestial bed/ And prey on garbage.† (I.v.59-60) Even though sexuality can be pure like a â€Å"radiant angel,† it will glut (â€Å"sate†) and â€Å"prey on garbage.† Shakespeare uses imagery with these words to reveal that Gertrude is garbage and that she is searched for like junk by a scavenger. The word â€Å"sate† shows Gertrude as a gluttonous animal, implying that her sexuality makes her an animal; thus sexuality is vulgar. Shakespeare emphasizes that virginity is essential to a women’s value in society, for it makes her both pure and desirable. Ophelia’s conversations with her brother Laertes and her father Polonius provide evidence that both Laertes and Polonius place a very high value of Ophelia’s sexuality and her obligation to protect her virginity. Laertes and Ophelia have one last conversation before he departs to France. He gives her advice about rejecting lust and desire in order to keep her virginity and thereby make herself honorable. In their conversation with each other, Laertes warns Ophelia to not let herself be seduced and lose her honor by losing her virginity. He says, â€Å"The canker galls the infants of the spring/ Too oft before their buttons be disclosed.† (I.ii.42-43) Shakespeare uses some interesting metaphors in this scene to stress the value of Ophelia’s maidenhood by comparing it to a flower. The phrase â€Å"infants of the spring† im plies both innocence and fertility. This metaphor compares women, in this case Ophelia; to new spring flowers whose buds still haven’t been opened (still virgins). Laertes is saying that Ophelia is still young so she must resist her desires in order to save her virginity; doing so would also save her honor, which is something that is very valued especially for women in society. Polonius also warns Ophelia about the value of her virginity, but  for other reasons. Unlike Laertes, who is more concerned about Ophelia’s happiness and emotional well-being, Polonius is more focused on himself and the respect of his family. He says to her: â€Å"You do not understand yourself so clearly/ As it behooves my daughter and your honor.† (I.ii.102-103) Here, Polonius is saying that Ophelia does not yet understand how to behave in a way that is suitable for someone who is his daughter and who is under his name and household. He is afraid that if Ophelia loses her virginity, she will disgrace the family and hurt his reputation; all in all, he fears that the respect of his family will be damaged. This makes it evident that Shakespeare believed th at along with altering a woman’s reputation and social standing, women’s chastity also affected men’s social standing in society. Seeing that virginity is given such high value, Shakespeare also clearly demonstrates the consequences that a woman experiences by losing her virginity before marriage. He uses Ophelia’s character to illustrate how losing a woman’s virginity causes her to lose relationships with people she loves, her social status and reputation, her sanity, and ultimately, her life. OPHELIA. By Gis and by Saint Charity, Alack, and fie, for shame! Young men will do ’t, if they come to ’t. By Cock, they are to blame. Quoth she, â€Å"Before you tumbled me, You promised me to wed.† He answers: â€Å"So would I ’a’ done, by yonder sun, An thou hadst not come to my bed.† (IV.v.59-67) After losing her father, Ophelia has become insane and is singing this song while reminiscing about the love that she and Hamlet once had. She has been driven to this madness because of her instability after her father is killed and Hamlet leaves her. Slowly everyone she loves is drifting away and she feels that is because she didn’t listen to her father and brother about protecting her virginity before, so now she is suffering the consequences.  In this scene, she is specifically singing about how Hamlet did not keep his promise of marrying her after they had slept together. â€Å"Young men will do’t if they come to’t,/ By cock, they are to blame,† she explains. In other words, she is saying that men will have sex whenever they have the opportunity. With the phrase â€Å"by cock, they are to blame,† she is saying that the â€Å"cock† represents the vulgar corruption of God because they are the ones who take a woman’s virginity. Furt hermore, Hamlet does not want to marry Ophelia anymore because she isn’t a virgin and all men want to marry a woman who is pure and untouched. Ophelia’s madness in this scene expresses how losing her virginity led her to insanity because she was incapable of dealing with losing all of her loved ones. Additionally, she loses any respect that she had, along with her social status, because she has done something that is completely unacceptable for a young woman to do in such a society in that time. All of this ultimately causes Ophelia to take her own life as a way to end the chain reactions of heartbreak and misery that she has had to experience, all because she decided to go and lose her virginity to Hamlet. In conclusion, Shakespeare uses the patriarchal system to suggest men’s ability to manipulate women, and ultimately gives an explanation of the reactions to men’s misogynistic behavior towards women. Common stereotypes of women gravely impact women’s perception of themselves and shape women to fit under certain archetypes in a patriarch-run society. Misogyny destructively affects the fate of â€Å"Woman† and, slowly but surely, leads to the deterioration of her idea of self and identity.

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High Teen Pregnancy Rate Comprehensive Sex Education at...

In May 2006 the silence cries of Kaylib Neal began to fill the delivery room as young Kizzy Neal slightly tilts her head with the energy she has left to take a glace at her new son. Although this moment is one of the happiest times of Kizzys life, she still wishes she could have waited to experience this moment at a later time in her life. At the age of only thirteen, Kizzy is one among the thousands of teenage girls who become pregnant each year in the United States. According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 34% percent of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20. Eight in ten of these teen pregnancies are unintended and 79% are to unmarried teens. There are many preliminary causes†¦show more content†¦Based on a Washington post titled Sex Ed Can Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Teens who have received comprehensive sex education classes are 60% less likely to get pregnant than those with no sex education classes. Schools t hat provide these comprehensive sex education courses see a more positive outcome in their students. However, just because teens are attaining information on this subject does not mean they are being taught effectively. Other schools who teach a different type of sex education class known as â€Å"abstinent† do not see the same results. The difference between comprehensive and abstinent classes is quite simple; comprehensive teaches its students about sex and how to take the proper precautions and abstinent teaches its students that they must refrain from sexual activity altogether. In 2006, 87% of U.S. public and private high schools taught abstinence as the most effective method to avoid pregnancy (Facts on American Teens†). Although the schools may think of it as the most effective method, their students have said otherwise. For example, when interviewing Sarah Palins daughter, Bristol Palin, she gave her views on how taking abstinent classes did not provide her with enough information. Many students such as Bristol who take abstinence classes are not taught aspects of sexual activity that they may need in case they decide to goShow MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Sex Education1613 Words   |  7 PagesWhen hearing the term â€Å"sex education,† most will immediately think of â€Å"the talk† that parents have with children. â€Å"The talk,† a phrase widely used through everyday life, movies, television, etc. is intended by parents to inform their children of the consequences of unsafe sex and to explain how babies are made. Despite being a necessary conversation at home, this â€Å"talk† is generally vague and uninformative in comparison to classes on the subject. However, this topic causes chaos when dealing withRead MoreHiv And Its Effects On The United States1440 Words   |  6 Pagespeople under the age of 25 (Starkman, Rajani). It’s estimated that by the end of high school, nearly two thirds of American’ s youth are sexually active, and one in five has had four or more sexual partners (Starkman, Rajani). Despite these alarming statistics, less than half of all public schools in the United States offer information on how to obtain contraceptives and most schools teach abstinence only education (Starkman, Rajani). Even more alarmingly there is little evidence that abstinenceRead MoreThe Age Of The Pill1530 Words   |  7 Pagesthe 20th Century, teen pregnancy was the norm. The prevention of unintended adolescent pregnancy has become an important goal of our society. Although adolescent pregnancy and birth rates have been steadily decreasing, many adolescents still become pregnant. The purpose of this research paper is to review the history, current status, programs and the future of teen pregnancy. History In the early 20th Century, teen pregnancy was the norm. Women were lucky to get an education past the eighth gradeRead MoreThe Importance of Sex Education1217 Words   |  5 PagesWith sex being a sensitive subject for parents to discuss with their children, they believe it is not appropriate to discuss these types of delicate subjects at any age. It is not because they don’t want to inform them, but because they want to protect them. Even though they don’t know that be keeping it from them, their children are far from safety every day. However, with today’s high birth rates at early ages, the question is no longer â€Å"should sex education be taught?† but â€Å"how sex education shouldRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay1314 Words   |  6 Pages(Hamilton, B.E.). That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. According to, â€Å"11 facts about teen pregnancy† less than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30 (Par. 2 5). There are many reasons for this and the best way to help limit teen pregnancy would be to require parents to attend teen pregnancy prevention meetings held by schools. One of the many problems is that most teens are not well informed about the troubles of being a teen parent. They don’t understand how it willRead More Abstinence Only Sex Education Essays2119 Words   |  9 Pagesthe first world would one expect the teen pregnancy rate to be the highest? Surprisingly, it is the United States that has the highest teen pregnancy rate of any first world country, more than double the rate of twenty other first world countries and almost ten times greater than that of Switzerland. While some of the disparity can be attributed to factors such as income inequality, the presence of abstinence only education has a major impact on birth and STD rates in the United States in comparisonRead More Drug Abuse Among American Teenagers Essay7972 Words   |  32 Pagesordinary teenager can have a drug problem depending on there friends, and relationship with there family. These teenagers turn to drugs because they have no where else to turn. There family members arent ever around, or hardly ever around. Some teens may have there parents around, but they too are involved with drug abuse, giving little or no attention to there children. They may have dropped out of school, or arent meeting the standards set for them to meet, giving them a sense that they arentRead More The Fatherhood Movement Essay5325 Words   |  22 Pagesimplemented in many states, encouraged courts to place young children with mothers because mothers were seen as essential to emotional development. The maternal preference continued to increase throughout the 1950s and 60s. With the spread of no-fault divorce laws throughout the late 1970s, and the increase of womens participation in the work force, women were more able to obtain divorces from unhappy marriages. Maternal preference in custody battles gave women a huge advantage, and a vast majorityRead MoreBusiness Journalism in Ind ia26104 Words   |  105 PagesCurrency * Commodity The movement in the above mentioned segments and the reasons for the same, make for a story. * Unorgranised and Organised sector. * Business Media * The business media focus on stock prices, growth rates, market shares, bottom lines and such. * For a complete story one should look at what fundamentally influences the other. E.g Tata Nano * Its complicated but interesting. * Business journalism is a big, broad multifaceted thing. ThereRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 PagesRecruiting 132 Foundations of Selection 154 PART 4 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Socializing, Orienting, and Developing Employees 182 Managing Careers 208 PART 5 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 MAINTAINING HIGH PERFORMANCE Establishing the Performance Management System 230 Establishing Rewards and Pay Plans 260 Employee Benefits 286 Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Work Environment 312 PART 6 Chapter 14 LABOR–MANAGEMENT ENVIRONMENTS Understanding Labor